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for the Italian market


You can treat the unfinished surface of the V Groove 150 Natural by using a good oil for outdoor and apply minimum two hands. The oil must be applied always in the same direction on the surface so to have a uniform aspect. To maintain the original brown color and prevent it from greying this process must be repeated during the years (refer to the instructions of the oil producer). If V Groove 150 Natural is left as it is,it will change the same way as natural wood,greying in time according to its location and position towards the sun.

Weathertex Eco Groove 150 Primed needs to be varnished at installation or anyway no longer than 60 days from installation.. Otherwise the lacquer may not stick to the surface in the right way. It is advised to seal the cut edges of the boards with an acrylic stainable silicon for outdoors in order to avoid any leakage of tannin.

Before lacquering it is recommended to clean the surface with a soft cloth and then clean with soap to remove any salt, dirt, dust or grease.Do not rub aggressively and don’t use any abrasive products because you could ruin the primed surface. Wash again with fresh water and dry with a new cloth towards the direction of the paint. You can apply another hand of primer before lacquering or apply directly a high quality acrylic stain for outdoors.. We recommend to make a test on a small portion before starting the job. Apply minimum two hand of lacquer.


For more than 70 years Weathertex has used the essence of the natural wood of the Eucalyptus tree,from forests with the certificate PEFC. It produces cladding planks adding only paraffin wax and no chemical additives..